Photo Shoots

Bridal Shoot

Pastel Perfection


We understand the importance of "YOUR BIG DAY" and will go out of our way to provide the perfect setting for all your styling needs.

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This shoot was designed in 2012  to enable us to develop the up and coming trend of the pastel revolution.

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The Boys have become a major player in the Trend Stakes of the times.

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Studio 54

Within this shoot we sought to create 3 different looks on the one model. Again the vintage waves were making a come back.

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This shoot was created to enter a design award. The brief was "GATSBY " with a current feel.

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This shoot is a personal favourite of mine, and was inspired by the 1970's Disco in New York City.

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Urban Glam


The Last Tangle Salon

With this shoot we were wanting a promo picture for the old shop window in Dean street.

This Shoot was a play up on the FANTASTIC silver dress and I totally just wanted to design a look to show off the dress.

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We wanted to capture some of the special spots in the salon, so I included them within the shoots.

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